Hello World!

Why am I called The Wanderer?  Probably because during the past few years I have done a little travelling and made an effort to explore places beyond those offered by travel agents and tourist companies, and then write about them.  Have I been to all of them?  No, but I have studied and researched any ‘strange’ place or ‘name’ I happen to hear or read about.  By doing that I’ve become very much the ‘arm chair traveler’ that has allowed me to write and prepare for publication, Undiscovered Travel Destinations,  ’Lesser known places in the world to explore’.  Presently, it is at the publisher and I hope to announce its availability in the very near future.

Meanwhile, I’ve launched two travel blogs; the first, Travelling The World On A Blog, is an extension of the book mentioned above, and the second is, Explore Canada ‘The True North Strong and Free’.  So, if you’d like to join me on these adventures and ‘trips’, I would welcome you as my ‘travelling companion’.  See you there?


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